Cow Print Car Windshield Sun Shade


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Is the sun burning your skin already? Do not let it burn your skin or damage your car’s interior when you’re not able to park your vehicle under a shade. This beautiful cow print car windshield sunshade will keep the rays away and your interior from burning out on a hot sunny day. It is a top-quality fitment product for your car universally. The cow print car window sunshade cover fits the windshield of your vehicle using a rear-view mirror as support. Its tapered edges allow for a more comfortable fit than other windshields. The cow print black and white sunshade works as a protector that will keep the internal environment cooler compared to the outside by blocking UV rays. Surprisingly it reduces inner car temperature by 30-50 degrees. Moreover, it increases the life span of your car’s dashboard, radio, LCD screen, GPS devices, gear, and other electronics. It has a sleek design with a pleasing look that is easy to handle and reposition, simplifying its application. The cow print car windshield sunshade is light in weight and comes in excellent quality as not to worn away by scorching heat in the summers. Its dual-layer bubble design gives maximum protection to the vehicle. Get yourself one today.

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